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Vine is the trendy new social media app where users can create and share 6 second videos with their network. Some people have even managed to make a career out of their work on Vine! ( But does Vine have any use for marketing your business?

Today we’ll take a look at a number of articles from around the web to see if Vine really is a useful tool for business.

First off, we have, which hosts a compilation of different corporate Vines. While some of these are funny and interesting to watch, it’s hard to draw a marketing aspect towards some of these individual videos. There’s also an interesting Vine from Vita Coco, a coconut water brand, that comes with an inappropriate content warning. The Vine ends up being somebody packing their bag. I don’t see any way that this Vine could be considered inappropriate. It’s also interesting to note the recency of the Vines on this site – not very recent. After just a few, you’re already looking at Vines that are more than 6 months old.

Why is Vine becoming such a popular tool for consumers to use? It’s all about visuals. Talking about the rise of visual storytelling, Michael Brenner of B2B Marketing Insider describes the visual marketplace, saying that a business can break through the noise of other marketing by incorporating visual content. He also offers us three tips on how to start telling better stories: Becoming a consumer and producer of visual content, telling stories that generate emotion, and measuring results.

Similarly, Social Media Examiner (in a podcast that is summarized in the article) looks at visual storytelling, defining the term and explaining its importance, giving some real life examples, then outlining the key elements of a visual story with numerous tips on how to be an effective storyteller. This is a great article for a business that knows how to use social media, but wants to use it more effectively. There are so many different ways to be visual and engaging, there’s no reason not to be!

So why should we use Vine? Andrew Hutchinson tells us at Social Media Today that it’s important because visual marketing boosts marketing success, there’s almost no barrier to entry, and branded Vines are very highly shared. While these are all valid points, the latter most is the only one that really applies to Vine. Visual marketing can be utilized on any form of social media, or any time of marketing really; Vine just so happens to be a very visual medium that requires the usage of visual marketing (but the same could be said of Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram). And that fact that there are very few barriers to entry is a trait shared by just about every social media site on the internet. But the fact that, as the article claims, branded Vines are 400% more likely to be shared than other forms of video content is a big plus for Vine. While this fact may be hard to believe, it’s darn impressive if it is true, and certainly speaks to Vine’s power.

There are also a few different articles about how a business can effectively use Vine to marketing themselves, with tips ranging from “displaying your work for your client” to the simple fact that creating more contents makes your brand more share-worthy. For any businesses looking into using Vine as a marketing tool, there are a gluttony of tips to choose from here, and anybody with some business know-how should be able to figure out how to get a start on creating a worthwhile Vine account.

But once you get started, how do you know if you’re doing a good job? Read this article from Anum Hussain at HubSpot Blogs to learn about measuring your success on Vine (and Twitter as well). While there’s more self-advertising in this article than I would like to see, there are also some effective tips on how to use analytics, tracking tokens, hashtags, and monthly growth on Vine to make it worthwhile knowledge.

Still wondering if your business would benefit from Vine? If you’re not convinced after reading all those article, then it probably wouldn’t benefit! But more likely than not, your business could benefit from additional visual marketing and the additional generation of share-worthy content. Get Vining!


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